Thursday, August 24, 2017

Tree with Shodow

Yesterday we painted at a local park.
This lonely tree stands on the side of a rocky hill.

It has always been a difficult one to capture with paint.
This is my best effort so far.

The very light area on the left is glare from the photo taking. 
I would appreciate any ideas on the best set-up 
for taking photos. I seem to bounce all over 
the studio and never am satisfied.

Tree with Shadow
8 x 8

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  1. Lovin' these trees, Helen!
    I know what you mean about the glare. Years ago, I took an oil painting workshop from California artist Leslie Saeta. One day after lunch, she took the class outside with her finished oil painting and held it up to the sun. She said she only photographed her art in the sun; that it highlighted the crisp, clear color and the brushwork (or knife work) - no weird color casts, no shadows, no glare. Since then, whenever possible, I take photos of my paintings in the sun. It always works for me. On cloudy days, I often have problems with cool blue casts or yellow casts that are hard to remove in the photo editing program. Hope you try it.