Tuesday, August 22, 2017

Tree By The Pond

Tree by the Pond

11 x 14

What a nice day at our local community park.

Yes, a tree again.

The light was hitting it just perfectly with the shadows creating a dark pattern that was very appealing to me. Placement on the canvas, how to crop were challenges that got resolved.


  1. Keep those trees comin'! This is absolutely beautiful, Helen!!

  2. Oh Helen, I agree with Chris! This is wonderful. Your vertical strokes on the tree make it look like the willow trees we had on a little lake where I used to live. I love the light on it and can see why you were so attracted to it! Seeing this is such a great way to begin my day.

  3. The joy for you was in the painting. The joy for me is seeing the results. lOVE this tree, Helen.