Saturday, July 29, 2017


One day I did 6 x 6 inch small works.
The single window was first, getting warm.......
then the larger one followed.
Brush, palette knife, scraper and roller all used.


  1. Love the way you indicated the bright light on the windows. Perfect!

  2. Don't you love all the different styles of windows? And the reflections in the glass always are a challenge, but fun! We lived in a little Victorian town for awhile, and there were so many bay windows. It was lovely!

    I missed you! Good to see your post!

  3. Thanks Carol. I missed posting also. Just so much time in a day!
    Please tell me how you are. I see your latest post was the beginning of June?

    I also posted more work........if you cannot see a tree or figure painting you might have to hit older post. Let me know. Thanks.