Thursday, March 16, 2017


We are presently studying figures and portraits.
As you can imagine there is a pretty steep learning curve.
Here is my attempt from yesterday's class.
The light was coming from below and she was so beautiful.
She looked like a professional model.

Oil on canvas paper.
10" x 12"


  1. Good for you, Helen! This is an area that interests me tremendously! Having the light come from that angle gives a very different effect on the profile like some stage lighting I've seen! I like it! She has an elegant neck, and I like the way you just implied the background rather than paint it all in!

  2. You were definitely up to the challenge, Helen. Beautiful portrait!

  3. I do admire your ability to try new things successfully. How many times would you have to do a portrait to get it to how you want it? I love the loose background and shading very much. Would you tighten up? Sorry for all the questions.