Tuesday, February 07, 2017

In Progress and a llittle Warm Up

Abstract Work in Progress
36 x 36

I can see things beginning to emerge.
Will I leave them or continue on?
I need to bump up the green so that you see
lots of white, some green and a bit of red.
Interesting process.

  Warm Up

6 x 6

Little Blue Pitcher


  1. Love in-progress shots! Find them really valuable.
    And I love your sweet pitcher, Helen.

  2. I'll bet this will be amazing, Helen! It will be fun to see your progress! I'll bet you enjoy working on this size ground on occasion, don't you? I love the composition of the little blue pitcher as well. So sweet!

  3. Whoa - LOVE the abstract one, Helen. Hope to see where you go with it.
    The red angle behind the blue jug adds a lot of power to the painting.