Saturday, January 07, 2017

Colors of Fall

Just getting back to blogging and then finding I need to take more photos. 
My body of work on trees is continuing, but there are so many other options I want to explore.
I will keep you updated!

This is a 12 inch painting done in oil, my favorite.


  1. I love how there are strong elements in representation and abstraction. I can see why this is your favorite!

  2. LOVE your trees, Helen! Glad you're back (glad the trees are back, too)!

  3. A fine tree and beautiful colors everywhere. Wishing you a great 2107 .

  4. I love your strong sets of complementary colors, Helen, on one of my favorite subjects! I echo Kaethe words about the representation in realism and abstraction.

  5. Fabulous colors and exciting brushwork. So good to see you at=re back!