Thursday, July 14, 2016

July fun

 Wonderful class I am taking with Melinda Cootsona.
Her class is all about color.
This particular piece was done using both compliments and value
as my focus.
Her goal is to move us away from our fear of big, bold color.
So happy to be taking the class.

12 x 12


This is done from a photo published in her class.
We did it as a value study.
Seeing how different artists render the same photo........always something
to learn.


  1. Sounds like fun and hard work! I have heard she is a great teacher! Abstract has been difficult for me. Your's are wonderful!

  2. I think you met your goals in both paintings. Love that complementary pairing and range of values in the top one. I appreciate you putting in the link to Melinda's work. Seems like you both like texture as well, as do I. Well done, Helen!

  3. 'July Fun' - regarding your comment ... Melinda Cootsona's goal is to move us away from our fer of big, bold color reminds me of a comment from a now successful artist. He mentioned that one day 'the gloves came off.' He had always been a able to draw and so would not start a painting until he painstakingly drew it out first. But one day ... as he sat in a painting workshop ... he had an epiphany and just blew the color onto the canvas. And it worked. His picture was fresh, animated, colorful beyond his wildest expectations. Today ... he paints like a basketball player with a 'great motor.' I asked him what was the great break through. He told me ... on that day he found within himself ... that his talent was like a faucet. If he just sat down to paint ... that alone would turn the faucet on ... and out would pour his creativity ... without having to force anything.