Tuesday, June 07, 2016

Plein Air

The View from the River

This is a 12 inch piece I did when we were painting at a local park.
I like all the triangles and love the trees.
My next job is to take this work even further.
One change will be to lose the muted colors and try for more

As ever, a work in progress.
I need to just 


  1. You have such commanding sections here, Helen! I think the wonderful simplicity of the design is a strength. Those yellow-green sections are beautifully bright and set off by the grays on the top and bottom. Love the texture and the paint application. I'm really drawn to it!

  2. The colors are wonderful!

  3. I really like the triangles too - especially. The way you shaded them. The color behind the trees makes everything sing. Looking forward to seeing what else you do to it.