Friday, November 20, 2015

Autumn Abstract

Autumn Abstract

As many of you know, I have been exploring trees creating
 quite a body of work on the subject.
So when space was the topic to explore
in class this week, it seemed a natural.

And I could continue to explore my love of the abstract.
For my abstracts to work, I need a basis in the representational.
Then it seems that I can let loose.

How do you start an abstract?
I am sure there are as many ways as there are artists!

20 x 24




  1. Helen, this is a WINNER! Let me count the ways. The vines take me through the painting with a crossroads to connect them. There is definitely a flow and rhythm here. The variety of shapes and colors in the leaves is delightful! Love how some of them go off the page. The bottom portion echos the colors of the leaves and I think the mottled patterns ground the scene and are engaging. Pleasing texture and strong values. I just LOVE this!

  2. Love the color combination and the abstracted subject in this painting, and as Carol said , there is a great flow and movement ! Also the size is great, would love to see it for real ! Have a nice weekend.

  3. Great post and painting! I am going to be trying to do an abstract for my critique class assignment. You have inspired me and given me a way to think about how I can get started! Thanks Helen!

  4. Ditto, ditto, ditto! What a gem!!!

  5. I agree that a good way to abstract is beginning from what we know and are studying. In this case the trees have obviously worked out so well here! Nice piece.