Thursday, September 24, 2015

apples anyone?

This work is full of layers painted over a period of time.
Thankfully green apples just hang in there!

6 x 14  oil


  1. Old painting surface - it appears to work well because I do not see any distracting texture underneath.
    Sometimes I get a ridge hitting the light which runs against the flow. Just had a thought... maybe this was always apples?
    Good mix of different greens.

    1. It was a new canvas..... but I certainly know what you mean. Sometimes ridges help and sometimes they hinder!

  2. Love your composition / crop, Helen! And it is so beautifully painted!!

  3. Love these apples and all the wonderful colors you used, and I really like the composition !

  4. The 6" X 14" format works so well with this, and I love that the end apples are going off the edge. I just have a fondness for that!

  5. Yes, the apples do 'hang in there' and that's been a great advantage for us all at some point! These layers worked out great and the top is luminous!