Thursday, June 04, 2015

Eastman Tree Revisited

12 x 16


You saw the study in my last post and saw my desire to
add some color, some life when I did the next painting.
Fun painting to do....some abstract elements, lots of representational.
My word for the painting was majestic.
Those old trees have size!


  1. Love these colors! They seem more neutral than the previous painting! Love your passion Helen!

  2. You've been busy in the best way! Love these trees, they have a quiet and soft appeal. Nicely done Helen

  3. I think, Helen, if we were told we could paint only one subject forevermore I would chose a tree. They are so symbolic and MAJESTIC. These paintings of yours exude strength, longevity and beauty. I love what you've done!

  4. The mood is very different here , this is a tree in summer , and I think you swung the palette knife, didn't you ?