Thursday, June 25, 2015

Pass it along flowers

Great time in class last week.  We started a painting and then passed it to the left after 10 minutes. 
The learning was all about nothing being precious, about letting go, about opening to new
shapes and colors. Really a fun class exercise.

12 x 12


Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Shapes and Shadows

Last week our class painted outdoors.
I gravitated toward an old building.
Shapes and shadows.

8 x 8


Saturday, June 20, 2015

Here I was practicing shapes. The rose is a great subject for that.

6 x 6


Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Oregon vacation

Oregon vacation.
It was great.
The best ride one day with friends.
Look what I found.
A little red shed. 
Now don't you think that is right up my alley?
Great vacation!

Thursday, June 04, 2015

Eastman Tree Revisited

12 x 16


You saw the study in my last post and saw my desire to
add some color, some life when I did the next painting.
Fun painting to do....some abstract elements, lots of representational.
My word for the painting was majestic.
Those old trees have size!