Monday, May 25, 2015

Trees on Eastman

This is going to class with me on Wednesday. We were to draw and then paint a small painting of something we really cared about. When I walk on our lane I always admire and study the majestic eucalyptus trees.. They are such a presence.

This is 6" x 8".
In class we will take it larger and perhaps abstract it somewhat.
We have been concentrating on shapes and notan.

Now it is such a cool painting I am wishing I had a little orange on a brush.
I would add some excitement!

I hope you had a lovely holiday weekend. 
I did.

And thank you to all who serve, have served.


  1. You are back on form! Love this and I always have liked the eucalyptus tree bark color after they shed.

  2. Sounds like you'e doing a great class ! Would love to see this one abstracted :-)

  3. Wonderful trees that have life!

  4. Your term "majestic" is so apropos for these trees. So many of the early California Impressionist paintings depict their grandeur. You have a more intimate view which I love!