Saturday, May 09, 2015

Apples for Jane

Jane wanted to see what I did when I played with gouache.

I drew first, great tool.

Then I did a few gouache apples.
Sketching, working quickly.
Since gouache is water based, I use it when I cannot get down to the studio to my oils.
Great intensity yet you can use it very diluted and get a watercolor feeling.

Another option for artists and very  portable.
Gouache always goes on vacations with me.

One thing I have learned playing with apples lately is that the size of the stem is very important.

These are looking a little large!

And now I say Happy Mother's Day to all.


  1. What fun! Happy Mother's Day to you!!

  2. Great exercise! The apples look so vibrant!

  3. Neat to see you are back with paint. Must be feeling somewhat better. You have had quite a siege. An apple a day keeps the doc away. You have two. Nice bright red ones. I take that as a good sign.

  4. And, a Happy Mother's Day to you as well, Helen. I'm glad you mentioned taking gouache with you while traveling. For some reason, I never thought of gouache...have used mostly watercolor. I certainly like the intensity of the colors in your apples. I will have to try this!!! Thank you!

  5. Thank you Helen for this special treat :-) I love the bold red , almost looks like oil ,like Carol said , great intensity , really inspiring ! Maybe I will give it a try too :-)

  6. These are wonderful in color and variety- gouache can be such a good medium to switch to for variety and travel-very fun!