Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Very limited palette

In class we have been looking at the works of Georgio Morandi.
What beautiful and interesting work.
His compositions are amazing.
Just Google his name for a treat.

Today I wanted to learn more about drawing ellipses. He was a master of shapes and color and relationships.
And I love his limited palette.

So this is my work from class today. Much of it was spent on drawing.
The quickest and easiest part of this.........the ball.
I love how it just kind of fades yet remains essential to the painting.
Another great day at class.

11 x 14



  1. Giorgio Morandi is one of the great italian masters, you did a painting with 'his' colors and a very similar setup , bravo !

  2. Excellent, Helen. The ball offers balance to the painting and carries the cream color up to that corner. Sounds like a wonderful class you're taking!

  3. Morandi was impeccable with his placement of objects. Highly admired by all, I found they just were too Still for my busy eye. So I admire him, but I have never emoted over his work.
    Now this simple painting of yours has breathing room and a sense of movement. I emote and like that.