Thursday, February 05, 2015

Red barn revised

Here is another salute to the happy month. This work, which you can see below, was hanging on the studio wall looking very boring. It  was painted last fall. I would look at it but was not ready to do anything with it yet.
When I had more certainty about it, I took it off the wall and put another layer on it.
Now this barn I like. Hints of abstract.
Ahh........the journey.

8 x 16



  1. Helen, this really cheered me up when the email arrived. I absolutely LOVE it! Love the play with warm and cool reds, and the texture and application of the paint adds so much to the look! What a charming barn, and the wide horizontal panel emphasizes its elongated width.

  2. You go GAL! this is absolutely smashing!

  3. Oh wow Helen there is such a different life to it now, well done ! I really should look into some of my older works myself.

  4. So alive and vibrant Helen! Nice!!!!

  5. You are always so good with the barns! Love the direct intensity of color and shapes!