Monday, February 09, 2015


this week is to give a tree it's full gesture.
It is all about the gesture.
Followers of my blog have seen this particular tree many times.
This weekend, it was rainly and the tree is right outside of the studio so
I attempted it once again.
This time I was really able to concentrate on the negative spaces.
And look, temperature.

8 x 8



  1. This does capture a real reaching out gesture and creates excellent negative spaces. the square format is just right for it.

  2. Love the color of the sky next to the tree.
    I looked at the previous post on your non representational painting.
    Interesting how different each way looked. My favorite bit was the lime green rectangle - it worked in every direction. Neat, Helen.

  3. Thanks Julie. I am loving the abstracts and know they will influence all my painting. Good comments about the cads. I need to work on basic ventilation.........hard during the winter, easy other times.

  4. The colors work well. You have the red in the trees compliment to the green ground. The painting has integrity! Just like the artist!

  5. I love these colors Helen. This is such a great painting. There is something special about a bare tree. I never noticed them until I started painting.

  6. I like the texture on the tree , great contrasts and great cool colors !

  7. I really admire the manner in which you applied paint on the trunk and limbs. Colors are well chosen and I like the texture you've achieved!