Saturday, February 21, 2015

Change it up

Here is a palette that is pretty new to me. Love the experimental quality of it.
Thank you Julie Ford Oliver for suggesting the palette.
This work really demonstrates how important the turning of an abstract is.

Such different paintings. I think I prefer the top one but then.....

5 x 7



  1. These are so pretty Helen! Love the limited palette. Isn't Julie a gem?

  2. Wonderful, harmonious colors, Helen. Both directions have merits. I think for me, the vertical or portrait one has an extra bit of energy due to the fact that much of the mark-making runs horizontally. This seems to create a bit of tension in a good way. That's just me. I think you could go either way and have a beautiful piece.

  3. I can't really decide which one I prefer , but maybe the bottom one, as the top one almost too clearly suggests what it could be . Great colors !