Monday, December 01, 2014

Abstract Process

Last week's class consisted of a choice. Paint shoes, and there was a wonderful shoe set-up or do an abstract. Abstract sounded good to me. I needed the free feeling.
So layer one went on easily.........oh, there's a landscape. Paint it out.
Turn, paint.
Oh, there is a swimmer rising. Paint it out.
If it really wants to be there it will reappear.
Turn, paint, turn, paint.
Then the painting above emerged. I only needed the stroke of the hair and the stroke of the face
to complete the work.
What a fun process!

9 x 12



  1. I see the tall heel of the shoe but for the life of me I cannot see hair and face. You truly succeeded in abstraction.
    I really like your colors

    1. Okay - thanks Helen, I get it...the part I thought was a tag off the top of the heel of the shoe is a head and the rest a flowing robe. Shows the power of suggestion. When you started off with mentioning a shoe. Can you see the side view of a tall heel of a shoe? The red stripe moving down on one side and the blue line of the heel
      as vertical. Love the dynamic cross band.

  2. You really had to choose between two opposites, glad you chose the abstract, so much more fun ! I confess, I can't see the face, only a small nose under the stripe in the middle, but who cares, the colors and shapes are great , and it is a very good abstract.

  3. A very pleasing composition, and I all the merging colours. I can see lots of things!