Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Paint Quality

This posting shows the painting that resulted after we discussed
paint quality in my weekly class. Strokes being varied, amount of paint, are just two of 
the things we discussed. 
And so I tackled flowers again. Will I never learn?
These nasturtiums were simple.......maybe too simple as they 
sat there in the jar.
When I turned the painting upsidedown, I could see I needed to
add a couple more blossoms and to arrange the leaves in a  
more pleasing manner.
Always looking for those S curves.
I used three sizes of brushes and a palette knife.

8 x 8



  1. Lovely glowing red. The dark area makes the one in the center really dimensional.

  2. Helen, this is such a sweet and gentle floral painting. I just love that little jar and the energy of the bright red flowers. I always forget about turning the painting upside down to have a look. Thanks for the reminder and for your kind words on my Three Autumns painting.

  3. I love the richness of the material and the gorgeous bold red . Turning the painting upside down ? I didn't know about this, but will definitely do so in the future !