Thursday, November 06, 2014


Another wonderful class day.
I painted on Dura-Lar which is a synthetic paper.
The oil moves easily as it is a very smooth surface.
It dries quickly.

Great for experimentation.
Perfect for studies.
This was done with both brush and palette knife.
Size.........about 5" x 6"


  1. Love the quality of the brushwork and the twist you achieved in these trunks.I have to check out that paper, never heard of it!

  2. Welcome back. At least you were gone while my computer was acting up. I like this abstract. Love the placement of the trees.
    I have never heard of this paper. Is it like Yupo?

  3. Never heard of this paper, but it looks like a great surface to paint on , very easy and free painting ! Have a nice weekend.