Monday, October 13, 2014


Last week, before we left for the weekend, I had one of those moments where one needs to paint. Time for it or not.  When viewing this work of three carnations, I do wonder, was I feeling warm and high? This is a very high key paintings full of softness and warmth. To me, it matters not what it is.
I was painting emotion.

8 x 8


This is one view of the lake we visited in northern California.
One day next year, I will be in one of the three boats!


Before arriving at the lake, we drove through Lassen National Park.
Here is your reminder of what a dry year we are having.
This is the south side.
Not a speck of snow and you are looking at at least 10,000 feet.
The north side has very small areas of snow.
It did make one pay attention.

Glorious country.
Plumas County
Lake Almanor
Lassen National Park


  1. Love the simple light/dark/warm/cool colors and shapes. We are doing something similar Helen.
    beautiful photos. Lucky YOU!

  2. Love the carnations! Stunning!