Wednesday, October 01, 2014

Class at the turning basin

 What a fun class today. We were at the other end of the turning basin in downtown Petaluma. I have painted the boat you see from the other direction many times.

Today was about trying to keep it simple and using a unifying palette.
I put orange on one side and ultramarine on the other. 
In the middle using both orange and blue I made a puddle of grey.
Then the fun starts. You can create wonderful colors using only these two and a white for tones.
A bit of lemon yellow and a bit of alizaron snuck in also.

By keeping the palette that simple a very pleasing effect results. The painting works.
The palette holds it together.
Notice the warm and cool on the boat.
They were not easy to achieve.

9 x 12



  1. You live in beautiful area. Lucky you having boats and reflections to paint.
    Good job on the VERY limited palette. By have it!

  2. I really like the way you kept the lines simple and the color choices are wonderful , great reflexion of the boat too ! xx

  3. What catches my eye here is that brushy patch behind the boat, I like the texture and the way it sets off the strong white!