Saturday, September 13, 2014

Spring Hill Road

This landscape was painted on Wednesday at the old Burns Dairy which is now Open Field Farms.
It is a delightful place full of ranch buildings and acres of farmed flowers and veggies.
I worked on distance and capturing the light. The grass was so light, a beautiful contrast to the rows of flowers you see here.

11  x 14



  1. I am struck by the beautiful light and the warm colors, wonderful landscape !

  2. I love the way the red resonates next to the green and really glows next to the yellow. I like those rolling hills too.

  3. great job on is hard to imply distance when the field is yellow..but you've done it. Love those red flowers too.

  4. Indeed, you certainly have shown distance in this piece with the lighter colors on the background hill and the touch of blue (gray) mixed in, too. Looks like a wonderful place to be!