Monday, September 29, 2014

Bold Roses

Is there anything you just try and try again?
For me, it's roses ( and barns )
Here I tried to concentrate on the negative shapes and see what that would bring to the table.
They are interesting shapes
The roses are bold and that was also what I was after.
Truth be told, there will be more paintings of this subject.
It speaks to me.

8 x 8



  1. Still in your abstract stage I see. Dynamic, and a true low key painting.

  2. I love roses and I love to paint them, but I find them SO difficult to get right , so I just keep trying and trying ! Love the boldness of your red roses and the contrast of color in the petals.

  3. Lovely, lovely painting! I'd look forward to seeing more roses!

  4. Yes, I like this one too! Warm contrasting other darker warm colors are very effective. I look forward to seeing your Oct. 1 didn't want to load on my laptop?