Thursday, August 07, 2014

The shop revisited

Here is the progression of my day in class yesterday.  The bottom photo is the original where  you can see my notan and the strong lines of the structure. Done well but boring.

The middle photo is how I attempted to destroy boring by color. I got a very tropical feeling while using lots of color. Value mattered, not which color. And I really brought out the window that attracted me in the first place.  

The top photo is number three and the most successful one. It is the most sunlit which was an important element and very difficult  to capture. It has the strongest lines, the least effort. It just happened. Trial and error pays great dividends.

And once again a great painting experience.


  1. Enjoyed seeing your explorations on a theme.
    You know ahead of time which version little ol' colorist me, likes best.

  2. Really great progress Helen. Though I still like all the greys. I guess the idea is to get more color into the grey? Thanks again, for the opportunity to paint at that beautiful, rich location! Really a treat!