Sunday, June 22, 2014

Lion Challenge

this week is to paint a lion. The moderator chose a very straightforward photo of a large and powerful lion. What a challenge. I painted and painted, then I scrapped it away and looked again. What remained after scrapping was much stronger that my original full of effort work. Just a few palette knife strokes and I left it alone. Tremendous learning experience.

8 x 8



  1. Helen, This is wonderful ---wasn't that a great surprise! I love it.

  2. This is definitely something new and you pulled it off wonderfully ! I really like this very free version with few details while being still clearly a beautiful lion.

  3. I still haven't tackled the lion yet--nice job Helen!
    I really like the textural quality and almost abstract approach. Really adds to his presence! Cheers from Colorado, Aimee

  4. Your lion looks very formidable, and the texture adds so much to his look! Beautiful coloring as how most of the ochre color is on the shadow side.

  5. This great Helen! I know what you mean about scraping off and finding something better.