Monday, April 07, 2014

Wednesday class

Spring is in the air and Wednesday class featured a couple of different vases of springtime, calla lilies and  lilac.
I loved doing the callas with this soft palette .

6 x 12


This is the first apple I did in this last round of apple painting. It is perhaps my favorite, my freshest. I admire the various planes I found and the carefree edges. My goal after conferring with my instructor is to first get the shape correct.  Then play with color or whatever challenge I  have given myself for that day.  It seems so basic and yet so easy for me to forget. And to stop buying round apples.......they look like pumpkins!
As always, an interesting journey.


  1. Love the calla painting, such delicate and soft colors , and the apple is shiny and very fresh looking, doesn't look like a pumpkin at all :-)

  2. Adoro le calle ,per me un bellissimo fiore !
    Cari saluti Bianca

  3. The Calla has such great shapes and cropping. I love the overall high key. And, the juiciest of red apples- love the brushwork!

  4. Helen, I love so many of your paintings. You have managed to capture this apple the way I have tried so many times. Wonderful!