Tuesday, April 15, 2014

More boats

Here we go. Comparing a better photo with the one on my previous post.
Message..........it is difficult to photograph wet paintings.
This one has dried for about 5 days and I found it easier to take the shot.
If you have suggestions for getting that photo when it is really wet, please share.

This work available.........my Auction page

This is the first painting from Wednesday class. It is 10 x 12 which I enjoyed doing.
Working on form, values.
Love the little spot of red.
Since the little boat had lots of "junk" in it, it was also an exercise is picking and choosing for me.
What to select?

When I finished the first painting, I moved on to the second. It is 8 x 8 and presently an auction item on my Daily Paintworks Auction page.
Lay the paint down, move on.

It was a great morning painting.


  1. Lots of boats- lots of reflections and it is the way you nailed the LIGHT on the water which grabs me the most. The values are perfect in all of them.

  2. Love the composition in the middle painting.....beautiful !!!