Friday, April 11, 2014

Daily Paintworks Challenge


The Daily Paintworks Challenge this week involves a color named
radiant orchid.  I am not sure I got the color right but I used purple and a modern pink to
get what you see here.
I painted over an old picture that had a good amount of orange in it. You can see it peeking through which gives the new painting some additional life.
Practicing getting the drawing correct and then it is just shapes!

5 x 5



  1. very nice! I love the subject matter--it is nice to see a boat in an "unexpected" color

  2. Not only shapes but also a great color and great shadowing . The orange shining through does surely add some extra life . Have a nice weekend Helen.

  3. I can see the warm underpainting and I love it with this most gorgeous violet! The values really bring out the nice 3D form in the boat.

  4. You nailed the value of the reflection perfectly and I love your use of the orchid color, Helen.