Thursday, March 06, 2014


Today we are revisiting. Yesterday's September scene was my choice for what I would work with in Wednesday art class . After discussing it with my instructor, we both decided that the barn did not read. It has doors on the front that appear awkward.
So I pushed the barns back some, deleted doors, pushed back the hillside and made the triangle in the center a bit more pronounced. With each of the revisions I felt that I learned something. It now is a stronger painting but wait til you see the next one. I painted it for the first half hour or so from an upside down photo and the above painting upside down.  That is how I get away from noodling and fussing.
So what I will post tomorrow you will find much looser, more free flowing.

My number 5 apple just was not working. I put it on the window sill in the studio with very strong sunlight hitting the top of the apple. The colors did not stay clean so a few days later I picked up the palette knife and made some bold strokes. An improvement for sure.

So, my friends, the journey continues.

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