Sunday, March 09, 2014

Number 6 and 7

Here is number 6. I really, really tried to count my strokes. Not my strong suit for sure. But I am painting, learning, having fun.

6 x 6  oil


Number 7...........I have never painted a work with a black background. This is Gamblin's chromatic black. The apple is large. Trying to be certain.
And I painted #7

6 x 6



  1. Wonderful rich colors. Your strokes must have been perfectly placed because they are not overblended. Neat!

  2. Both great, but I think I prefer number 7 with the black background , love the light on the apple and the dark color really projects it towards us, beautiful !

  3. I think you've said it all and it all sounds and looks great. The depth of color and clean brush strokes make for strong visuals.

  4. Yes...the "count your strokes" thing is so good for us--I'll have to remember to do that again. I like how your apples came out.

  5. They look great to me ...I know the counting of the strokes makes each one so precious. You will see the results of your hard work when you paint your next painting...( that is not a study).