Sunday, March 30, 2014

Apples everywhich way

If you have been watching the apple challenge given by me to me you notice I have never done one with just a palette knife. I often use a knife for highlights or to just get some color on but never have I done a whole painting with palette knife only.
So here it is. My favorite part could be the shadow. LOL.


One apple painting that was sitting there looking uninspired got me thinking. We did this in class Wednesday. Paint the whole thing with a wash of white and then wipe away. It is an interesting process and can produce wonderful results.
So I did it here. After applying the white I really wiped the parts I wanted to be most prominent.
Does one want a dreamy apple?  Here it is.................

Over the next couple of days I will be putting all the apples on the Daily Paintworks auction. They are colorful and fun. I hope you will bid.
I will definitely let you know when they are up!

And just for fun, today I asked myself, what if an apple was purple?  That will be posted also......


  1. Both these apples have their own very different and really lovely qualities. Two very interesting techniques! Thanks for sharing.
    With art you never know till you have a go!

  2. I really love the effect of the palette knife, gorgeous apple with a great shadow . The dreamy apple is very interesting too , great technic too !