Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Weekly Challenge

This week's Daily Paintworks challenge is the Citrus Challenge. I used the photo that was supplied although I did not need to. And I finally sat down with my gouache and played. So for a first effort in a long, long time..............not bad. And I learned how to handle the medium better by the time I was almost through. Definitely this medium has a place in the life of an oil painter.

8 x 10

gouache on mixed media paper


  1. I agree with your thinking on gouache. You've used it beautifully here in showing the nice brushwork and light in the opaques.

  2. Very nice Helen! This is beautiful. It makes me realize I need to expand my horizons a little more and try something new, like gouache.

  3. You are correct Helen - the oil painter is perfectly suited for gouache. You have demonstrated it with this glowing painting.

  4. I never tried gouache ...only used it for sprinkling white for the snowing effect , in what sense do you mean that it has a place for an oil painter ? Your work is great and actually looks like an oil painting. Lovely light spots !