Saturday, February 08, 2014

Weekly Challenge-Strokes

Lazy day yesterday in the studio. Late in the day I did the Daily Paintworks Challenge.
It is called  the Stroke Challenge. We are to be mindful of each and every stroke we make.
Yes, it is a true challenge. By being so mindful, the painting was kept pretty fresh which is always good. My favorite stroke is the little pink one in the lower right........

6 x 6



  1. wow! soft and superb!

  2. oh yes, I can see that you were mindful of the strokes...this is beautiful

  3. I admire the way you can move from non-representational to Impressionism so easily. I love both results too.
    Love the freshness and I guess that is what the exercise is all about.

  4. I noticed the large strokes immediately and I really like it. Very fresh flowers with beautiful colors.

  5. Great example of the exercise and beautifully executed!