Thursday, February 27, 2014


Here is my latest attempt. #4. I so tried to limit my strokes. While I was not very successful, I painted an apple and that is a good thing. It is a step in the journey.


My class work for Wednesday was a subject that I did not give enough forethought to before jumping in. I am sure we have all done that. Since the window was such an integral part of what I wanted, I think I should have cropped the image in further. It would have been more graceful as I have a bad tangent in the upper corner. My "word" was nuances. Little things with meaning. And the window was part of that although also the rust on the roof spoke to me also. These buildings have so much character and history.
In class we worked with limited palettes and discussed various neutrals. It was wonderful information,.

It was a rainy day full of painting time. Loved it.


  1. This little outbuilding reminds me of early spring where it seems that everyone and everything are straining to catch the light! You caught it well!

  2. love both the building and the apple....Both such good paintings!

  3. Wish we has the rain...rust? What's that?!!!!
    I think the window is my very fav part. It is wonderful - you captured the light on it perfectly. So many times you see a window painted and it looks like a black hole.