Tuesday, February 04, 2014

Study in White

I sized this work at extra large so you would have a better chance to see the various marks.
It was supposed to be various white but a bit of color kept creeping in. And so I let it happen.
The piece is 11 x 14. I wish it was larger.......and so it might well lead to another  painting.

Here it is "upsidedown".  For me it is a vertical painting but one of the joys of abstract is turning, turning and trusting your gut.
Today my gut says that little red stroke stays at the bottom.
This is such a great experience. Please let me know what you think, how you react to abstracts.
I appreciate hearing from you.

11 x 14



  1. I like abstract and I think this one is great, love the square patterns and all the light colors , plus that bit of red is perfect !

  2. I like the top version best! I love abstract. I think I like it because I lived near Chicago growing up...and I was introduced to a lot of abstract art at an early age. I still like it now! Good work!

  3. cool. I need to try some abstracts and assemblages.