Thursday, February 20, 2014


Freedom sounds a bit confusing for a title of a blogpost but that is exactly what I felt when I made that mark drawing down the body of the rear building. I wanted to convey more that the original representational painting conveyed. I was hunting for a certain depth. Yes, the original scene was peaceful but I was also drawn to it because it was more than that.
So after a wonderful class and observing my classmates attempts at both representational and abstract work, I went home and put another layer on the painting from my previous post.
I love it. It says something to me and I hope it does to you also.
Strong shapes and strong colors.........a great start on the journey.

6 x 12



  1. the power of doing those abstracts is shining through. I agree with you. I love it too, in fact I think it is fantastic.

  2. Congrats for your great art !

  3. A completely different feel to it, lots of shapes and gorgeous colors , like two different paintings. Wish you a nice weekend.