Saturday, February 01, 2014


You can really lose yourself in the world of abstract. This was layer two or so.  I think. Remember I said lose.

The painting said Dance to me so I attempted to pull out that emotion or action while intensifying the colors. Darks darker. The second step was to nudge out a dancer. The third step was to integrate the painting so that I did not have a figure sitting on a background. Play with the edges. Integrate.
How much fun is that.
Version 1

Flip version 1 180 degrees and you get Version 2.
This one is a little more interesting to me.
In any case, what a special process.
Each version can tell it's own story.
And Dance seems very appropriate.

14 x 20



  1. True creativity at work!
    These are all wonderful, Helen.
    Love the active mark-making.

  2. Love these abstract, not as easy as it seems, but so rewarding when it clicks...and here it did !

  3. I like it up side down and side to side. A good test of a composition that works together for sure. Looks like fun!