Sunday, February 16, 2014

Busy, busy

 Here is my class work from Wednesday. I spent most of the class getting the drawing correct. That was, for me, no small thing.
Then I quickly applied burnt sienna and a warm white. The cool white is in the sky.
The next step should be to add color but since I loved this process so much, I want to keep this work as a reference. It taught me lots and lots. I love the looseness. 
Next I learned how to transfer my drawing to a new canvas so I could save the two hours I spent on drawing the first one. I traced the important lines on one piece of tracing paper and then I put a layer of graphite on a second piece of tracing paper where it was needed. The second piece  went down on the canvas, then the original tracing which I drew over, and wow. Lines appeared on the canvas, saving me so much time. Now I will paint with my selected palette.

 This work has been evolving over many weeks.  I posted it last month but it has had more work done on it since then. Now I have learned all I can learn from it. Time to move on........

Here is my attempt to paint it loosely.

The last two weeks have been both busy and touched with the flu. So everything seems kind of sporadic. But spring is on the horizon and things will even out.
I hope you are having a great holiday weekend.

Thank you so much for visiting.


  1. Oh my gosh! You have been busy. I admire your devotion. I love the finished barn piece. The shadow design is great!

  2. Thanks Kaethe. For sure, the shadow captured the moment for me.

  3. I really love the barn painting, the shadow is awesome and the cow adds so much to the composition , great work !

  4. Your class painting of the buildings really is appealing. I love the vintage look the colors give it
    .I like BOTH your barn paintings. I agree with Kaethe about the shadow.
    Sorry you had the flu and glad you are better now.

  5. The way the shadow and horse come together in the shadow is super. Love that and the subtle color.