Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Apples 2 and 3

Apple #2 did not come out as well as #1 but maybe puts forth more opportunity for learning. I wanted a dark background. Now I know it needs to be darker and my apple more midtone.I will also  enlarge the light areas. Then I think it will work. I did manage to use an opaque color and not have it too dense. That is an ongoing challenge for me.

This is number three and done with the Daily Paintworks Challenge in mind.
I premixed my colors, as I usually do. That is not the  problem.
The problem is.......taking just one more stroke. I know it will be better if I just fiddle a bit.
Here comes the mud. I know I am in good company with this problem.  Yes? 
 I will try again as I think I can do better.
 Below is a view of the palette I used. Only cad yellow light, cad red, aliz, and phathalo blue....and naples yellow and a white.
I outlined the apple in the beginning with the Indian yellow.
Beautiful neutrals if you limit your palette.

In class last Wednesday I put color on this board that I had transferred my drawing to beforehand. I still love the composition and am thinking this is just fine for a first go around! You know I visit and revisit my favorites! I am also fond of this size, 8 x 16.


  1. Wonderful group of buildings in the light. Love your colors and design on this one. Apples - well next to the buildings the apples are just fine but on their own most likely I would have written WOW!

  2. Love the bold red in your apples, they look so inviting and shiny ! And the building is taking character with the colors... and beautiful light .

  3. It is a wonderful group of buildings, I agree. I also like the top apple where the background and apple are almost the same value. I makes for an interesting blend.