Sunday, January 05, 2014

Ticino Summer

The Daily Paintworks Challenge this week is about
painting a summer work as many people in the
United States and abroad are experiencing very
cold weather. In the northeast and midwest, very cold is an 
So I chose a photo I had from a trip to Switzerland in 2011. Two palm trees. I have always 
wanted to paint them. Thanks to this weeks challenge, I did!
 Love the oranges popping through from the painting I covered up. 
Summer for sure........

6 x 6



  1. It is funny, but I never think of Switzerland and palm trees together. This has great structure and love the muted background color.

  2. Congrats on staying with the challenge! I like the idea of painting summer in the cold weather! The warmth and volume in the palm fronds really stand out well as a nice focal point.

  3. I don't think of palm trees in Switzerland! They are beautiful and are the definitive focal point! Very nice Helen!

  4. Thank you Helen for sticking it out with me! I love your painting here, nice grays! I'm glad to be back, it was a good break for me:) Take Care!

  5. Beautiful greens and greys, and lots of warmth in the palms, love this painting. Wonder where in Switzerland you made the photo, could it be around Lugano ?