Monday, January 20, 2014

The very last layer

Here is the very last layer. As my words for this piece are "a sense of place", I think that that was accomplished. Parts of the painting seem so clear and then, wow, a little mystery appears.  It seems to me to be a comfortable mixture of abstract and representational. The warm and cool balance is much more than I even imagined. Would you like to wander here? Is there a storm approaching. Who knows?


20 x 24


  1. I love the mix of cool and warm colors , and you get a totally different sensation from the one below . Does look like there is a storm around the corner :-)

    1. Maybe it is the rain we so desperately need here in California!

  2. I was scared you were going to ruin what you had in the previous version but this is perfect too. Hard to know which one I prefer but it is a case of which YOU prefer isn't it? Do you have a preference?

  3. That's gorgeous, Helen. Complimenti!

  4. very unusual...I like it! I agree it is real....and not real.
    great colors!

  5. Nice finish! I really like this color harmony