Tuesday, January 28, 2014

And February is on it's way

January 28th.......now how did that happen? I have been painting, In fact, more than usual. But I have also been using the knife to scrape!
So learning, yes. 
Finishing, no.
The up side is having several paintings in process that I continually evaluate, ponder.

So here are two views of Eastman Lane, where we live north of San Francisco,during a dry spell that has gone on far too long. The pictures were taken early January so the dried roses are now gone and the dry field, still dry.

Glad to say hello. Happy painting.


  1. The Drought is here too. You captured lovely light in your photo though. And roses in January is rather a lovely sight to see
    Knife work eh? Sounds like fun.

  2. Lovely and idyllic photos, looks nice and warm :-) Happy painting !

  3. Oh, good reminders to us that spring will come! We were shoveling snow today, so this is super inspiration, thanks!

  4. I long for the rain but having sunshine makes me feel good too. Beautiful photos!