Wednesday, January 15, 2014

A sense of place

This is layer (at least ) number 4 and a representational painting is starting to emerge.
I am sure it will remain semi-abstract but I do want to pursue the phrase " a sense of place".
This morning I am off to class and we will see what this last layer unfolds.
Fascinating process.

This painting is about 20 x 30.......I need to measure it so you have a sense of the size.


  1. Love the colors...hope you post if you do more on it. It looks like a finished piece to me.

  2. Fascinating indeed ...I see house like immersed in a light fog ,could be done already .

  3. Scary to think you don't think this is completed. I love the freshness and colors. The abstract is enough to let my mind seek and find what it wants. Okay, my friend, I will wait to see if it maintains this wonderful impressionistic abstract feeling. No pressure - right?

  4. This reminds me of Chagall, where you have this kind of swirling backdrop and then the recognition of houses and familiar places. Love the feel tone here Helen.