Tuesday, December 31, 2013


The Daily Paintworks Challenge this week is roots or bulbs.
I went to the market and found a great bunch of radishes.
It felt so good to paint after a busy holiday season.
If I were going to fuss........I would make the little white roots much finer.
But I am not going to fuss!

Happy New Year and thank you so much for looking and commenting.
 6 x 6


Friday, December 27, 2013

More playing with abstracts

Remember the original?
The above painting is it, layer one.
Below you see two views of the second layer and then a small part of the second layer.
The possibilities are endless.

 Here is my horizontal view.
My intent was to intensify the colors I had applied on the original.
As I look, too many mid tones, more light and dark needed.

 This is the small section which allows me to see the work without that big green area.
I like the movement in this view.

This is a vertical rather than a horizontal view. When I work on these, I turn and turn the piece.
I can see a form emerging.
Do I want that?
More playing needed.

I hope these pictures give you some insight into where I am now on this artful journey and how I learn.
There are more to post tomorrow!

Have a great day.

Sunday, December 22, 2013

Merry Christmas

This is a happy little work I did earlier this week. I am learning to live with my work for a bit before publishing. Then when I revisit, I see so much more than at the initial conclusion of the painting. This red work made the cut.  The one I did before it of a similar set-up did not. Thankfully I know I could not have painted this one without painting the one before it that did not make the cut.

And I am having so much fun doing the abstracts. I have two more "updates" to show you over the holidays.

I am taking this opportunity to wish you all a safe and serene holiday season. 
Enjoy what you have.
Share smiles.

6 x 6


Thursday, December 12, 2013

Work in Progress

This is an exciting post as we start a new session of art classes. We will be exploring abstracts for the next few weeks.  So here you see my "starts".  The one above is 30" by 40" and has only one layer on it.  After this application we set it where we can see it and just let it simmer. Hopefully this weekend it will get the next layer. I expect there to be several layers before I get wherever I am going.
And that is the fun of it!

I love this one.  It is the third layer and now I can see several shapes that might want to be nudged out of the work. One important part of the process is to constantly turn the work so you get to view it from 4 different perspectives. I love how this changes everything.
Do you see the figure?
This is a smaller work, about 12 inches wide.

Here is another first layer. I think it is 20 x 24. I picked my palette first then started playing. It has a long way to go but I do like the start.
What fun we have..........

Tuesday, December 10, 2013

December roses continue

This rose was done before Winter Roses but it had to sit about for a bit while I watched it out of the corner of my eye. Such an unusual light pattern..........I decided it was ok. Why?  Because I enjoy exploring the painting..........my eye keeps traveling there. So I trust.

5 x 7


Sunday, December 08, 2013

Last Winter Rose

We are in the midst of an unusual cold spell here in Northern California. We are only about an hour north of San Francisco and not used to nighttime temperatures in the low 20's.......for about 10 days running. So when I looked for a rose to paint today it was obvious that it was the last winter rose. Dormancy is upon them.
This painting was done with the Zorn palette in mind for the Daily Paintworks Challenge. I notice no entries yet........it is a very limiting challenge and it is also the holiday season. We are all busy. See the Daily Paintworks Challenge site above to learn about the Zorn palette.
I painted on an old support that was very dark. That was also a  nice change for me.
And I just had fun. 

8 x 8


Friday, December 06, 2013

Dec Rose_3

Here is the 6th rose painting I did today. I was working quickly, trying (in vain) to use few strokes. So while I learned and I appreciate the process, there is not much to show for my day.
Any painting day is a good day so all is not lost.
And I love my vase!

8 x 8

Thursday, December 05, 2013


We are back in the studio after a summer and fall of plein air work. Our assignments for now will center on abstracts. These abstracts will then in turn effect our representational works. 
This is the first time an abstract told me where it wanted to go. It was first a work in various whites, then it became a study of a wall and then all of a sudden, it was about fences. The fences each of us deals with daily, a part of our path.
We painted for about two hours and I was good about turning the work and painting with different sides up. But it wanted to be this.

20 x 20


Tuesday, December 03, 2013


Here is day two or my second effort for December. I love the intense colors. Next up is taking this piece one step further. Play with color. Play with composition. Play. Yes.

Monday, December 02, 2013


As you know, I can get pretty stubborn about really understanding a subject. Now I am trying to be more consistent when I do a rose and really nail the form.  This is the first one of a small series and I had the most trouble with the greens. I love the colors and do have some form. Tomorrow I will post another which is a step forward from this one. But I could not have painted it with doing the above one. It's the process........

Sunday, December 01, 2013

December Glass Challenge

This week the Daily Paintworks Challenge is about colored glass. I did not have any lightly colored glass so this painting does not demonstrate the "through" part but it is glass. Dark rich colors for the most part. We were to work quickly, not fuss, thinking of values. As I look now, the amber glass had a darker value on the base. It is always a fun and enlightening painting assignment.