Tuesday, May 28, 2013

8 x 8

I finally broke out with the pears. 20" x 24" and bright red, yellow and orange. Only one layer on the canvas so far but it's looking good!

I did several of the above scenes in 6 x 6 and then took what I learned and did an 8 x 8. Love the mystery of the landscape.
Art class tomorrow. I think I am going to draw. We will be downtown so no pears or no barns..........

Monday, May 27, 2013

Pears 4 and 5

Playing with pears continues. My first pass at this set up was very, very blue and quite dark. Today I lightened it up and worked with controlling my  palette. Blue with touches of red and a twitch of yellow. Beats me what that pear is doing up on that jam jar.........
Wish I had a bit more form.........

8 x 8


More blue. More pears.....and a little citrus.

6 x 6


Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Spontaneous Pears

Today at art, the process was talking, commenting and receiving feedback. I did a painting at the beginning of class and then took it home and scraped it.  When I am painting out and about, if I am not moved by the location it is all over before it starts. I find that I really need to care. Really.
Wonderful assessing of my pear paintings. Yesterday's pears, # 3 I think, will be revisited for a change in the way I approach the palette. It is drying now and then I will approach it again with a clearer idea of where my colors need to be.  It is all good.
At the end of class we are to do a quick, 30 minutes or less, painting with the colors left on our  palette. I did pears from memory. I succeeded in playing which was my chief goal. Quick and fun.
My next step is to really mess with the composition. If need be, do strange or funny or just stretch it however I want. That will call for special music. And maybe a dance step or two. We will see.
Come back and you will see also.

5" x 7"


Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Pears the thrid time

Playing with the palette. Intensifying the colors. Working with shape. Feel the texture?

8 x 8

Monday, May 20, 2013

May Pears 2

The second pear painting went much more smoothly. Funny how some straight lines seem to help hold the unique shape of the pear. And what would a pear be without that perfectly irregular stem.
This was fun to paint. Daily.

8" x 8"


Daily Painting

Here is to my renewed commitment to daily painting.
Some form of my art.Every day possible. Doodle. Whatever.
So I lived with four pears over the weekend.
Scraped some.
Saved a couple.
Love the play of warm and cool.
Working on the shape. More on that tomorrow.
It seems that pears like straight lines.Explore.

And my husband built a whole wall of shelves for displaying art in the studio. Wow. Perfect. Great man.

5 x 7


Sunday, May 19, 2013

At Last

 At last refers to my  finally doing something with pen and ink and watercolor so that I will have a way to enjoy my art while traveling. The above work is from a photo of a window box of red geraniums taken in Switzerland two years ago. It is a first attempt and was fun. Done quickly...no thinking.


Here is my little Eastman shed. The darks are a bit of a problem but once again, I did it. I will be so happy to take these paints on vacation this year.  
Not for sale, just for fun.

Wednesday, May 15, 2013

quick study

 This is a little 6" x  8" done at the end of last week's class. It is a study of form and the essence of a tree. 
No thinking, just paint.
As I look at it now, I could really tweak it.
But no, that is a dead end road. 

I will let it be.

Simple and straightforward.

Less than perfect, but mine.

Class today.......scrape

What we need to remember........

It is all good.

Monday, May 13, 2013


This painting is a reposting from a couple of years ago. Marin County hills....what could be better than that except for that tree and those little sheds below. I have always loved this painting and am now reposting as suggested by Leslie Saeta. . You will see it on my website in a matter of minutes! Come visit.
New paintings.....I am in a little bit of a funk. And I know the answer..... paint, paint, paint.
You got it.

8" x 10"

oil on cradled board

Wednesday, May 08, 2013

Majestic Three

Northern California has many, many eucalyptus trees which tower over the landscape. Their trunks are full of subtle, neutral colors with peeling bark.Leaves are all shades of blue and green and yellow.
This is a large painting for me that fell into place rapidly. I only made a few changes to the original. I greyed back the barns and kept them to the side. They love to be important in my painting and here they were not the story. 
This is the view from my studio window which I paint and paint. I also edit and edit!

16" x 20"


Monday, May 06, 2013

Class Assignment

Last week our class visited a local park and we all enjoyed painting the beautiful Sonoma County landscape.
I concentrated on a small scene I have often admired but never painted. I had some palette trouble but liked the composition.
My wonderful instructor suggested I take the above painting and do it several more times, each in a different palette.
Now that was fun.
Quick, experimental and such great results.


I cannot decide on a favorite. Upper left is the first one and I like the palette but the barn is askew a bit.
 Number two has the fun violet sky and the barn is more grounded. That's a good thing.
Number three in the lower left is fun. Fun always works.

The last one on the lower right shows that I was tiring. And yet, look at the kind of surreal atmosphere. That old barn just looks like it could fall right down. 

What a great learning experience.
These are all 6" x 6"

The first three are on Senso canvas paper.
Number 4 is on a board.
All are oil.

I invite you to leave a comment. It would be fun to know your favorites. We all respond differently, thank goodness.


Sunday, May 05, 2013


I am photographing my latest work this afternoon so for now, here is a collage of what I have been touching up, finishing the sides, revisiting.
They are all on my new website, 

I have been working on the website for some time and now I need to start inviting people to visit.
Hard to take that last step.