Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Water Street Study

Last week we painted again in downtown Petaluma on Water Street. Since it was a windy day, I tucked in close to a building and picked one scene which I worked on for two hours and then scraped when I got home. No effort would save it.....it already was full of effort.
Next we had 30 minutes to do a quick study. So I looked down the street, close to the buildings, and found lots of lampposts. So I just tried to see shapes...........nothing but shapes. And that tree was placed in an unusual position in my composition, but then, why not. Just go for it. Learn. Do. Enjoy the process.

6" x 8"


Monday, April 29, 2013

Red and Green

Today I thought I would let you see every little stroke.On this particular painting, there are many. It took several tries to get the pepper shapes correct. And then to be loose, and free and fun. 

Here they are, a study in red and green.

6" x 12"


Thursday, April 25, 2013

Old Downtown

Last week art class met for the first time this year in our old downtown. At the heart of the city sits this beautiful town clock. Talk about a landmark. We all refer to it as a location, in driving directions, whatever.
Toward the river from the town clock is a wonderful French Bistro, the Water Street Bistro.
The umbrellas as in their outdoor dining area.

The painting is all about shapes.

6" x 12"


Wednesday, April 24, 2013

White Challenge

this week is all about white. Warm white and cool white. Just mostly white.
So this little friend of mine is  mostly white. 
It is good to do a challenge again. Time has been precious but this challenge called me.
In one more week I would have done the challenge with my white roses but they are still in bud.
The rooster will do.
Quick, fun study.

6" x 6"


Sunday, April 21, 2013

Even More You Know What

You look at enough peppers and you get a little crazy.  The above abstract was done covering an old painting but I left the surface too smooth for my liking. What to do?  My brushes did not like the surface either.

How about my fracturing tool?
You bet.
Fun, fun, fun.

12" x 12"


What do you do with the paint left on the palette when you know you must hang up your brushes for a few days? Waste not.
Just play.
Be a little crazy.
And look, if nothing else, it's free, it's loose.
I see lights, darks and complimentary colors.
I will go with that.

6" x 6"


Friday, April 19, 2013

More Peppers

Well here we go.  I have visited and  revisited these works several times and I just keep learning. It is a wonderful experience to go so deeply into a subject. But now it is time to say, these are done. The next learning step will go into the next paintings.

Above I just scrambled some peppers of two  different sizes. Let them fall where they may.
It has at least three layers on it which makes for beautiful texture that you cannot see so well in a photograph.

Observation.......the swoop of the pepper feels so good to lay down on the board. Freeing.

6" x 8"


This set-up has seen several transitions. I loved ( in the set-up) the large pepper with the small ones but the more I played with it, the less it appealed to me. I hope you can feel the largeness of that big pepper. It was beautiful. It is dominant.

8" x 10"


What next? That was the issue. How to keep things loose. How to push the subject. 
These are all valid questions that I am playing with and learning about.
And yes, there is more to come!

8" x 8"


Have a wonderful weekend. In these crazy times we just need to love each other. 
I love and honor each and every one of you who so faithfully keep track of this blog.
And tomorrow I paint!

Monday, April 15, 2013

More Peppers

This is a reworked posting. I did this painting during the 30 Challenge in January and was not happy with the amount of  form.The peppers needed depth.  So I played a bit on Saturday and got more form. Notice I said more not most!
 I really like this set up and feel I can push it lots of different ways. Since I am living in the land of peppers right now, having done 8 or 10 works featuring them, I am sure you will see lots of colorful renditions of this work.
Next, push the darks darker and the let the  lights shine. 

I painted for over two hours, no interruptions on Saturday.
That is a wonderful block of time for me.
Next weekend looks to have even more free time.
But........the sun is out full force here in Sonoma County so the hiking shoes will be getting some use.
I cannot wait!

And I will be working on that marketing class.

6" x 6"

Sunday, April 07, 2013

Three Peppers

Not much time to paint these days. I am taking Leslie Saeta's Class on  Marketing your art.The link will take you to her blog where you can see all she does and offers. 
 So my journey these days is organizing pictures, uploading to my new website, prices, descriptions, links, Yikes!
It will be so worth it and I will be able to say that I did it myself.
Buying my paintings will be a breeze. Actually it is a breeze now on Daily Paintworks. Please check it out.
 I hope you are pleased.
More is better, yes?

So my study of peppers continues. This one evolved after a painting disaster. Two thirds of the painting had to be painted out, then the green and orange peppers added.  Now sitting in the studio are about eleven of the tiny peppers just waiting for me but also there are several paintings that need to be signed. 
 A little jazzy music should make the project fly by.......
And my roses will be blooming this week!
5" x 7"

Monday, April 01, 2013

Eastman Shed

Go outside is the theme of many articles and sites this week. Spring is here.
Daily Paintworks Challenge said it and so I did it.
This little building is right below my studio. It was shining in the late afternoon sun, just waiting to be painted.
Some things fall together like they were meant to happen..
This was sure did.
A little bit of country........

6 x 6