Thursday, December 12, 2013

Work in Progress

This is an exciting post as we start a new session of art classes. We will be exploring abstracts for the next few weeks.  So here you see my "starts".  The one above is 30" by 40" and has only one layer on it.  After this application we set it where we can see it and just let it simmer. Hopefully this weekend it will get the next layer. I expect there to be several layers before I get wherever I am going.
And that is the fun of it!

I love this one.  It is the third layer and now I can see several shapes that might want to be nudged out of the work. One important part of the process is to constantly turn the work so you get to view it from 4 different perspectives. I love how this changes everything.
Do you see the figure?
This is a smaller work, about 12 inches wide.

Here is another first layer. I think it is 20 x 24. I picked my palette first then started playing. It has a long way to go but I do like the start.
What fun we have..........


  1. Abstracts are so exiting , am working on another one myself. Looking forward to see what will come out of this :-)

  2. Oh these are all very dynamic beginnings! I love the orange and the last post also, these are super starts.

  3. My fav is the top one. Love the series you are doing.