Friday, December 27, 2013

More playing with abstracts

Remember the original?
The above painting is it, layer one.
Below you see two views of the second layer and then a small part of the second layer.
The possibilities are endless.

 Here is my horizontal view.
My intent was to intensify the colors I had applied on the original.
As I look, too many mid tones, more light and dark needed.

 This is the small section which allows me to see the work without that big green area.
I like the movement in this view.

This is a vertical rather than a horizontal view. When I work on these, I turn and turn the piece.
I can see a form emerging.
Do I want that?
More playing needed.

I hope these pictures give you some insight into where I am now on this artful journey and how I learn.
There are more to post tomorrow!

Have a great day.


  1. I notice you refer to it as "playing" with abstracts but I still see the same work and decisions have to be made.
    Love the organic feeling in your painting.

  2. Abstracts are so much fun, am doing some myself these days. You have some great great colors and patterns here.

  3. You make this layering process look so inviting! Great feeling of volume and light here too.

  4. I am enjoying your energy in the abstract work. I just love abstraction too!

  5. Love your "word" and especially your creative journey.